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Rental Program

Opuluxe acts as a middleman between property owners and clients who want to sublease your property for short-term stays. Opuluxe matches you with a pre-qualified tenant (our client) that does the following: 

  • Pays you $100 over your asking rent 

  • Signs a multi-year lease 

  • Keeps your property in better condition than a regular tenant

Once our client signs your lease, Opuluxe takes over the responsibility of managing the property. This can include:

  • Screening Guests

  • Maintenance and Repairs

  • Legal Compliance

  • Marketing and Listing

  • Guest Services

  • Financial Management

What we do



At Opuluxe, we carefully screen guests for short-term rentals by examining their past reviews and verifying key details. This focused approach ensures that only responsible and respectful guests will stay in your property, protecting your investment.


We guarantee to keep your property in better condition than regular tenant! A normal tenant won't bat an eye if there's scuffs on the walls or broken fixtures. They aren't affected by cosmetic flaws and therefore won't put effort into fixing them. For us, it's our top priority to keep the home in pristine condition, because we understand that the damages will only get worse over time, and our tenants are older, particular people who expect the home to be in perfect condition.


Unlike a regular tenant, we won't bother you if there's a clogged toilet or a broken fixture. If the repair is minor and/or cosmetic, we'll pay for it and be out of your hair.


We're covered with an insurance policy that will protect us from any potential lawsuits. The insurance provides my business and my landlords (when landlords are named in a lawsuit) coverage for up to $1 million per tenant.


We have cameras installed at every entrance of the home, including inside the garage, and we watch them daily to ensure that the tenants are following our house rules. We also have noise detectors inside the home that will alert us if a tenant is too loud.


We run a tight ship! We set the following rules in place that the tenants must agree to beforehand: 

  • Do not exceed the guest limit

  • No parties

  • No more than 4 vehicles 

  • No speakers in the home

  • Quiet hours are between 10pm-7am. No loud talking outside or music from your vehicle during quiet hours. 

  • No pets

  • No smoking 

Locations in Which we are Offering our Rental Program

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Syerena Orr: Owner and Founder of Opuluxe 

Book a free 15 minute consultation below for questions about our Rental Program!


How can you ensure our property will stay in great condition?

Your tenant (our client) is financially responsible for cosmetic maintenance and repairs. While landlords often fear more damage with increased traffic, Opuluxe ensures that's not the case. In fact, we maintain properties far better than a typical family. Most families ignore cosmetic issues, leaving landlords with expensive repairs at the lease's end.

Opuluxe caters to business professionals, aged 30-50, who are more mindful of property care. We're strict about maintaining appearance and our guests take great care, focusing on even minor cosmetic flaws. Immediate attention to imperfections and regular deep cleaning by our staff keeps properties in perfect condition.

What if the tenant damages anything in the house?

We're fully responsible for ALL cosmetic issues that could arise, and will keep the property in great condition. This includes but is not limited to paint, drywall, carpet stains, broken fixtures, etc. Our insurance policy will reimburse us for all damages involving the guests. In our experience, the most a tenant usually damages is our sheets that we supply them. 


Would We be personally liable for lawsuits? 

We’ve got you covered! We have insurance which provides ourself and our landlords (when landlords are named in a lawsuit) coverage for up to $1 million per guest.


What if you can't fully occupy the home? How will We get our money?

No worries! We only serve clients (your tenant) who are pre-qualified and are positioned to pay the rent on time regardless of the occupancy rate. We also run a comparison analysis and do research beforehand to confirm that the property will have a high occupancy rate and be profitable for our client.


What kind of guests do you rent to? 

We provide corporate housing/rooms for rent to mainly corporate professionals. Coed, usually from ages 30 to 60. All are screened prior to moving in.

Do you screen your guests? IF so, how? 

At Opuluxe, screening guests for short-term rentals is a priority. We carefully assess each potential guest's profile, examining past reviews and ratings from previous short-term stays. We also verify important details to ensure they align with our standards for responsible renting. This meticulous process helps us select guests who are likely to treat your property with respect and integrity, safeguarding your investment while providing a quality experience for all parties involved.

Who pays for major repairs? 

We ask that the owner of the property cover major repairs including the following: Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Water heater, Roof, and Foundation.


Are you a Property Management company?

Yep! We offer short term and mid-term management. However, with this program, we are looking to have our client (your future tenant) rent for property for multiple years while we manage it for them. 


What if the neighbors have a problem with new people constantly in the neighborhood?

Opuluxe deeply cares about your neighbors comfort. We encourage landlords to share our contact information with them, and ask for you to have them inform us of any issues or concerns they should have. Should any arise, we will resolve them as soon as possible; usually the same day.


What if there isn't enough parking for all of the guests?

Opuluxe clearly communicates the parking limitations beforehand with guests. Alternative options, such as nearby public parking, would be provided if needed. Our management team is also on hand to assist with any specific issues, ensuring a smooth experience for all involved. (Note: we typically do not allow our guests to park on the street)


What if there is too much traffic in the home?

We have strict rules to prevent a lot of traffic, and limit the amount of guests in the home at one time. We also place a camera at the entrance of the home, that allows me to view who enters.The camera has an app that sends a notification to our phone everytime there is motion detected, which allows me to see everyone who enters and leaves the property. We am also at each property several times a Opuluxeek to confirm that things are in order. 


Are you open to renting from properties that are in an HOA? 

We prefer for properties to not be in an HOA, but if they don’t have rental restrictions, we can consider it. 


Who pays for utilities and landscaping? 

We will take care of both. 

Did we leave your question unanswered? If so, send us a text message or book a consultation below: 




1. Landlord is responsible for major repairs, which are outside of cosmetic damages. This includes roof, plumbing, gutters, electrical, foundation, HVAC, water heater, mold issues, and all appliances, Etc. Landlord has 24 hours to schedule a contractor to fix major issues. If the issue isn't resolved within 48 hours, Landlord shall reimburse or not charge Tenant of rent during the period that the home has a major issue until the issue is resolved. If Landlord doesn't schedule a contractor within 24 hours, Tenant shall do so on Landlord's behalf, and Landlord shall reimburse Tenant of the total cost to hire contractors to fix the issues within 1 business day. Tenant is fully responsible for all cosmetic damages, including drywall, paint, carpet, etc. 


2. Flat Rate. Rent will be a flat rate for the lease term. 

3. The lease is on auto-renew and shall automatically extend on a yearly basis unless Tenant or Landlord has given a 6 month notice of not wishing to renew. 

4. Tenant does not wish to rent properties that are governed by an HOA due to present and/or potential future rental restrictions. If the property is in an HOA community, Landlord must inform Tenant beforehand and terminate this agreement. 

5. Landlord grants Tenant permission to sublease the property. The lease is assignable.


6. Upon the lease start date, the property must be in perfect condition. There shall be no cosmetic damages or flaws of any kind such as with paint imperfections, scuffs on the walls, drywall holes, carpet stains, broken/missing tiles, broken/loose fixtures, loose/missing knobs, molded tub/shower caulk, etc. There shall also be no major or minor repairs required of any kind, such as problems with the HVAC, water heater, foundation, electrical  or plumbing. In addition, there shall be no running toilets, faucet drippings, mold issues, thermostat issues, or issues with the washer and dryer, fridge, stove, oven, microwave, etc. There shall be no grime, dirt, dust, bugs, or spiderwebs present in the property. The following should be perfectly cleaned: the interior and exterior of all kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers, all countertops, all outlets, all switches, all outlet covers and light switch covers, all doors front and back, all door jams, all knobs and door knobs, all bathrooms including the toilet, tub, sink, faucets, in and outside of vanities and cabinets, etc, all light fixtures, all baseboards, all windows sills, all vents, all stair rails, all crown moldings, all closets, and all appliances including the fridge, washer and dryer, stove, oven, microwave, etc. The exterior of the home must also be in perfect condition, including the yard, driveway, porch, siding, doors, garage doors, etc. Upon the lease start date, the grass shall be freshly cut, bushes trimmed, weeds and leaves removed, and any changes of the yard that Landlord desires shall be paid for and arranged by Landlord. The exterior doors shall have no dirt, chipped paint, holes, or imperfections. The driveway/entrance/steps/sidewalk shall have no loose dirt, weeds, or grass growing out of it. If the driveway/entrance/steps/sidewalk has an excess of dirt/oil, Landlord shall get it power washed. Any porches that have chipped paint and/or dirt on them shall be power washed and/or painted by Landlord. If any of these issues are present in the home upon the lease start date, Tenant shall hire a contractor to do so on their behalf. Landlord shall reimburse Tenant of any costs associated with repairing or cleaning the home. If Tenant made repairs or cleaned themselves, rather than hire a contractor to do so, Landlord shall pay Tenant the average pricing that it would have cost to hire a contractor. Landlord shall reimburse/pay Tenant within 3 business days after Tenant has shown evidence to Landlord of making repairs and/or cleaning. 


7. Bill Payments. If any bills are abnormally high after the lease start date, Landlord shall pay a contractor to determine the cause of the bill's pricing. Abnormally high pricing would include the following: a water bill greater than $200/month, or an electric bill greater than $400/month. If either bill is considered abnormally high with the current/previous tenants, Landlord shall inform Tenant of the average amount of the bills prior to Tenant signing the lease or paying a deposit so that the Tenant can make an informed decision of whether or not to move forward with signing the lease. If Landlord refuses to fix the issue that is causing the abnormality, Tenant shall do so on Landlord's behalf, and Landlord shall reimburse Tenant of the total cost to hire contractors to fix the issues causing the abnormality within 1 business day. 

8. Landlord’s Termination Option. Notwithstanding anything in the Lease to the contrary, Landlord may terminate the Lease with respect to all or a portion of the Premises at any time for any or no reason upon 6 months’ prior written notice to Tenant and pay an early termination fee of $15,000 to the tenant to reimburse tenant of loss of business and cancellations of bookings. Any sublease or lease of all or any portion of the Premises shall terminate all of Tenant’s future payment obligations with respect to that portion of the Premises for the full future Term of the Lease; provided in the case of a sublease or lease of a portion of the Premises the payment obligations with respect to the subject Premises shall be determined equitably and in good faith by Landlord following consultation with Tenant. Upon the effectiveness of the termination of the Lease by Landlord, Tenant shall accrue no further obligations with respect to the portion of the Premises to which the termination applies, except with respect to those provisions of this Agreement that, by their express terms, survive the expiration or earlier termination thereof. If Landlord is terminating the lease in order to start providing short term rentals themselves, Landlord agrees to not only pay Tenant the $15,000 termination fee, but to also purchase and keep all furniture, decor, supplies, labor, and all other investment costs paid by the Tenant. Landlord shall also pay Tenant 50% off all future earnings of the short term rental and allow Tenant to manage the property for the remainder of what the lease term would have been. 

9. Early Termination. Tenant may, upon 6 months written notice to Landlord, terminate this Agreement, provided that Tenant pays a termination charge equal to $5000. Tenant understands that this charge is not a penalty or fee that relieves Tenant of her obligations under this Agreement. Tenant is still responsible for all obligations under this Agreement, including paying for all rent due within the 6 months, damages, and other charges as specified in this Agreement. However, this charge shall not be applied if the tenant breaks the lease due to new subletting and/or short term rental restrictions and/or if Tenant is unable to use the platforms in which they locate their tenants. If Tenant breaks the lease due to said reasons, Tenant shall also be reimbursed the security deposit if the property is free of damages other than wear and tear, and Landlord agrees that Tenant may or may not be able to give a 6 month notice and may need to give a shorter notice, and shall not be penalized with any fees due to not being at fault for breaking the lease. 


10. If desired, Landlord agrees to fully furnish. Furniture required shall be agreed upon prior to signing this lease.

11. Landlord grants tenant permission to make changes to the cosmetic appearance of the property, including but not limited to changing the locks to keypad locks (Landlord will be given the code to the locks), painting the interior walls, and hanging fixtures, paintings, and decor. Tenant shall undo all alterations and ensure that the home is back to its original state upon moving out, unless the Landlord grants tenant permission to keep the alterations as is. 

12. Landlord or Landlord’s agents/associates are not to enter the property while it’s occupied by a guest, regardless of a notice, unless approved by the tenant. Landlord or Landlord’s agents/associates may enter the property in-between bookings while the home is unoccupied. 

13. Tenant will hire a property manager. Landlord shall be required to communicate to the property manager regarding the property after the lease is signed. 

14. If the home has a pool and/or jacuzzi, Landlord shall pay for biweekly maintenance, including cleanings and repairs.

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