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Abstract Architecture
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At Opuluxe, we transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary short-term rental homes. We start with understanding our client's vision, then create an individualized design plan that marries comfort, style, and functionality. Our team of expert designers curate every detail, from color palette to accessories, reflecting the essence of the property and its locale. We focus on crafting memorable experiences for guests while ensuring our designs are also profitable for our clients. After all, a beautiful, inviting space is not just visually appealing—it's good for business.

Abstract Architecture
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  • Choosing a theme as well as choosing and ordering furniture and decor for the  rental property.

  • Ordering all cleaning supplies, technology, and linen.


  • Assembling/hanging all furniture and decor.

  • Mounting one TV in each bedroom, as well as one in the living room.

  • Installing shower rods and bathroom fixtures.


  • Stocking kitchen, bathrooms and supply closets with appliances, dishes, cleaning supplies, and short term rental necessities.

  • Filling and labeling soap, shampoo and body wash.

  • Stocking each bedroom closet with an iron, iron board, and 10 hangers.

  • Stocking all short term rental essentials such as tissue, toilet paper.

  • Stocking cabinets with dishes.

  • Stocking silverware and spatulas.

  • Changing out exterior doors to keypad door locks.

  • If we are offering rooms for rent, changing the bedroom door knobs to keyless door knobs.

  • If we are offering rooms for rent, labeling bedroom doors with a number and then labeling sections of the fridge and cabinets with the corresponding numbers.

  • Changing out door knobs to keyless door knobs with 1-3 closets to change to supply closets.


  • Cleaning any messes made during the assembly and installation process.

  • Removing all trash.

  • Getting the Lawn mowed/maintenanced for the photoshoot.

  • Contractor to wire/install an exterior camera

  • Gather quotes and schedule junk remover to remove the accumulation of boxes from deliveries.

  • Gather quotes and schedule handyman to fix anything currently broken in the property.

  • Making beds.

  • Ironing beds, pillow cases, shower curtains, curtains, and anything else wrinkly for the photoshoot.

  • Removing pre-existing scratches from walls.

  • Staging dishes on the dining table.

  • Staging towels, washcloths and hand towels.

  • Staging body wash, shampoo, and soap.

  • Placing trash bags in trash cans.

  • Putting batteries in remotes.

  • Filling and labeling coffee, sugar and cream.

  • If needed, scheduling the deep cleaner’s arrival and having the home deep cleaned before the photoshoot.

  • Scheduling the photographer’s arrival.

What Interior Design Does not Include

Gathering quotes and coordinating the following:

  • major or minor renovations 

  • property updates

  • any major repairs ​

  • painting

  • major cosmetic repairs 

We can still help you with any of the above tasks and much more, but we'd require an additional $500+ to coordinate these services. 

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