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The Airbnb Giants: Exploring the Biggest Airbnb Cities in the US (and their STR Restrictions)

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Embark on a journey through the bustling streets and serene neighborhoods of America's urban landscapes, where Airbnb has revolutionized the way we experience travel. These metropolitan giants, scattered across the United States, are not just dots on a map; they are vibrant, pulsating hearts of culture, history, and endless excitement. In this exploration, we'll delve into the biggest Airbnb cities in the US, each a unique tapestry of experiences waiting to be discovered. From the never-sleeping streets of New York City to the star-studded boulevards of Los Angeles, these cities offer more than just a place to stay - they offer a gateway to the soul of American urban life.

New York City

1. New York City: The City That Never Sleeps

New York City, a beacon of energy and diversity, offers an Airbnb experience as dynamic as its streets. From high-rise apartments offering views of the Manhattan skyline to quaint brownstones in the historic neighborhoods of Brooklyn, the city caters to every taste. However, it's crucial to be aware of NYC's stringent short-term rental regulations. In New York City, it's illegal to rent out an entire apartment in a building with three or more units for less than 30 days, unless the permanent tenant is present during the stay. This regulation aims to preserve housing availability and maintain the character of residential neighborhoods.

2. Los Angeles: Dreams with Guidelines

Los Angeles, the sprawling city of stars, offers a wide array of Airbnb accommodations, from luxurious beachfront properties to cozy, tucked-away homes in the hills. While LA encourages the unique experiences offered through Airbnb, it also has regulations in place to ensure a harmonious balance with local communities. In Los Angeles, hosts must register with the city and are limited to renting out their primary residence only. Additionally, there is a cap of 120 days per year for short-term rentals, though hosts can apply for an extension if they meet certain criteria. These regulations help maintain the integrity of neighborhoods while still allowing visitors to enjoy the unique LA lifestyle.

3. Chicago: The Windy City with a Warm Welcome

Chicago, the Windy City, stands tall with its magnificent skyline, a testament to architectural marvels, and a welcoming spirit that's as warm as its famous deep-dish pizza. In Chicago, Airbnb options range from sleek downtown apartments to cozy homes in the city's diverse neighborhoods like Wicker Park or Lincoln Park. However, it's essential to note that Chicago has regulations for short-term rentals. Hosts must register with the city and obtain a license, ensuring that guests have a safe and compliant stay. These regulations are part of Chicago's effort to balance the vibrancy of short-term rentals with the needs of local communities.

San Francisco

4. San Francisco: A Hilly Haven

Next, we venture to the hilly streets of San Francisco, where Victorian houses and modern lofts offer panoramic views of the bay. San Francisco, with its iconic Golden Gate Bridge and historic cable cars, provides a picturesque setting for Airbnb guests. But, be aware of the city's strict short-term rental laws. Hosts must register with the Office of Short-Term Rentals and are limited to renting their primary residences only, for a maximum of 90 days per year when not present. This regulation ensures that neighborhoods retain their character and housing remains available for local residents.

5. Miami: Sun and Sand

Our journey takes us to the sun-drenched beaches of Miami, a paradise for those seeking the warmth of the sun and the rhythm of ocean waves. Airbnb stays in Miami can range from luxurious condos overlooking South Beach to quaint homes in the art deco district. However, guests and hosts should be aware that Miami's short-term rental regulations vary by area. In Miami Beach, for example, short-term rentals are prohibited in most residential areas and allowed in specific zones with a business tax receipt and resort tax registration.

6. Austin: The Live Music Capital

Austin, Texas, renowned for its vibrant music scene and bustling cultural life, is a haven for Airbnb guests looking for a blend of urban excitement and southern hospitality. From modern downtown condos to charming bungalows in East Austin, the city offers diverse lodging options. Austin's short-term rental regulations are fairly straightforward. Hosts are required to obtain a license, and there are different types of permits for renting out a portion of your primary residence versus a separate property. These rules ensure a safe and regulated environment for both hosts and guests.

7. Seattle: The Emerald City

Seattle, set amidst lush greenery and waterways, offers a serene yet urban Airbnb experience. The city's range of accommodations includes waterfront properties, trendy apartments in Capitol Hill, and quaint homes in Ballard. Seattle's short-term rental regulations are designed to protect long-term rental housing availability. Hosts must obtain a license, and there are limits on the number of units one can operate as a short-term rental, focusing primarily on allowing residents to rent out their primary residence.

8. Boston: A Blend of History and Innovation

Boston, a city where history meets innovation, offers Airbnb guests a chance to stay in charming brownstones, modern apartments, and everything in between. The city's rich history, prestigious universities, and vibrant neighborhoods make it a popular destination. In Boston, short-term rental regulations require hosts to register with the city and limit rentals to their primary residence, excluding short-term rentals in properties that are not owner-occupied.

9. Denver: The Mile-High City

Denver, known as the Mile-High City, offers a unique blend of urban sophistication and outdoor adventure. Airbnb guests can choose from sleek downtown apartments, cozy homes in historic neighborhoods, or retreats close to the Rockies. Denver's short-term rental regulations are clear: hosts must obtain a license, and the property they rent must be their primary residence. This regulation is aimed at keeping the city's neighborhoods stable and ensuring that housing remains available for long-term residents.

10. New Orleans: A Melting Pot of Culture

New Orleans, famous for its vibrant culture, music, and culinary scene, is an Airbnb favorite. From classic Creole cottages in the French Quarter to elegant homes in the Garden District, the city offers an array of unique stays. In New Orleans, short-term rental regulations vary by neighborhood. The city requires hosts to obtain a permit, and certain areas have restrictions or bans on short-term rentals to preserve the local community's character and housing stock.

11. Orlando: The Theme Park Capital

Orlando, the theme park capital of the world, is not just about thrill rides and fairy tales; it also offers a diverse range of Airbnb accommodations. Guests can stay in family-friendly homes near the parks, luxury condos, or peaceful retreats away from the hustle and bustle. Orlando’s regulations for short-term rentals are relatively lenient compared to other cities, focusing mainly on safety and tax compliance. However, specific regulations can vary depending on the county and neighborhood.

12. Nashville: The Heart of Country Music

Nashville, the heart of country music, offers Airbnb guests an authentic Southern experience. The city's accommodations range from trendy apartments in the bustling downtown to charming homes in historic neighborhoods. Nashville's short-term rental regulations require hosts to obtain a permit, and there are different types of permits based on whether or not the property is the host's primary residence. These rules help maintain a balance between the thriving tourist industry and the local residents' quality of life.

The Role of Short-Term Rental Management Companies in the Biggest Airbnb Cities

As we conclude our tour of the biggest Airbnb cities in the US, it's clear that each city offers its unique charm and challenges, especially when it comes to navigating the various short-term rental regulations. This is where Opuluxe comes into play, offering an invaluable service for both property owners and guests.

Embrace the Future of Short-Term and Mid-Term Rentals with Opuluxe

In the dynamic landscape of Airbnb and short-term rentals, navigating the myriad of regulations in different cities can be daunting. Opuluxe, with its expert knowledge and experience, stands as a beacon of guidance and support. We specialize not only in short-term rental management but also offer mid-term rental options, providing a perfect solution in cities where short-term rental restrictions exist.

Navigating Rental Regulations with Ease

Understanding and complying with local short-term rental laws is a challenge that many property owners face. Opuluxe is adept at navigating these regulations, ensuring your property adheres to local laws and ordinances. This compliance not only protects you from potential legal issues but also positions your property as a trustworthy and desirable option for guests.

Flexible Solutions with Mid-Term Rental Management

In areas where short-term rental restrictions are in place, Opuluxe offers a robust mid-term rental management service. This approach caters to guests seeking longer stays, such as business travelers, students, or families in transition. It's an excellent way to keep your property rented and generating income in a compliant manner.

Partner with Opuluxe for Tailored Rental Management

Book a Free Consultation: Discover how Opuluxe's tailored services can meet your specific needs. Whether you're interested in short-term or mid-term rental management, our team is here to help you maximize your property's potential. Book your free consultation today and start your journey towards optimized rental management.

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