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Opuluxe | Referral program terms and conditions



LAST UPDATED: November 25, 2023

Referrals made after the date of the most recent update are subject to the terms and conditions below. Referrals made prior to the most recent update are subject to the terms in effect at the time the referral was made.

Opuluxe's Referral Program and Professional Referral Program (each a “Program” and together the “Programs”) allow eligible participants to earn referral compensation by referring new vacation homeowners to Opuluxe. Subject to other eligibility criteria, a participant can earn referral compensation when a referred property owner signs an agreement with Opuluxe for vacation rental property management services and the property is available to receive bookings through Opuluxe's services.

Participation in these programs is subject to these terms and conditions. Your submission of a referral through a Referral Landing Page on Opuluxe's website (the “Landing Page”) constitutes agreement to these terms and conditions.

Referral process:

A Real Estate Agent or Professional may participate in the Programs by submitting to Opuluxe through the Landing Page the name and contact information (email address, telephone number, and/or mailing address) of a property owner, each a “Referee,” as defined herein.

If a Referee signs an agreement with Opuluxe to manage their property as a vacation rental (the “Referred Property”) within twelve months after the Real Estate Agent or Professional submits the Referee’s name and contact information to Opuluxe, and all other terms and conditions of the Program are fulfilled, Opuluxe will pay the applicable referral amount to the referring Real Estate Agent or Professional within 30 days after the Referred Property is available to receive bookings through Opuluxe's services.

If a Referee terminates their agreement with Opuluxe within 30 days after the Referred Property is available to receive bookings, no referral compensation will be earned.

Only Referred Properties in the United States are eligible for the Programs.

Referral Amounts for Full-Service Property Management for referrers: For full-service property management referrals made by referrers, the referral amounts for properties, not previously managed by Opuluxe, are as follows:

  • 0 - 3 Bedroom Referred Property: $250

  • 4-5+ Bedroom Referred Property: $500

Referrals for Properties Already Under Opuluxe Management: Properties that are under the management of Opuluxe at the time of referral, but that are or have been sold to new owners (“change of ownership”), are eligible for referral compensation in the following amounts:

Current Opuluxe Contract Type: World Class. New Opuluxe Contract Type: World Class. Referral Amount: $500

Current Opuluxe Contract Type: World Class. New Opuluxe Contract Type: Coach or First Class. Referral Amount: $250

Current Opuluxe Contract Type: Coach or First Class. New Opuluxe Contract Type: World Class. Referral Amount: $500

Opuluxe will pay the above referral amounts, regardless of the number of bedrooms.


Referrer Program – Additional Terms and Conditions:


Eligible Participants: Individuals who meet the eligibility criteria, including real estate licensees, professionals, or anyone interested in referring potential property owners to Opuluxe.


Definition of “Referee” for the Referrer Program: A “Referee” is a referred person who (1) owns a property suitable for vacation rental, and (2) is not currently under contract with Opuluxe for vacation rental services and is not engaged in discussions with Opuluxe about World Class management at the time of the referral.


Disclosure: Any referral submission is considered an affirmation by the Referrer of their eligibility under all applicable laws.


Referral Compensation Paid to Individual or Entity: Earned referral compensation will be paid directly to the Referrer or their associated entity, as appropriate.


Professional Referrals Not Available in Certain States and Provinces:


For properties located in jurisdictions that require vacation rental managers to hold a real estate license and prohibit real estate licensees from providing compensation for referrals to unlicensed individuals, Opuluxe will not provide referral compensation to referring professionals.


Additional Terms and Conditions That Apply:


Other Excluded Properties: Referrals for properties where the Referee signs a maintenance-only agreement or any agreement other than Opuluxe World Class vacation property management are not eligible for referral compensation under the Referrer Program.


Disclosure to Referee: Opuluxe may disclose the identity of the Referrer to the Referee as part of the referral process.


Multiple Owners, Multiple Properties, and Multiple Referrals: In cases where a Referred Property has multiple owners, only one owner will be treated as the Referee for program purposes. After an initial referral, the Referrer may be eligible to earn additional referral compensation for each additional separate property owned by the Referee, provided that the Referee chooses Opuluxe to manage such additional properties. These additional referrals can occur all at once or over the 12-month eligibility period. If multiple individuals refer the same Referee (or co-owner of a Referred Property) to Opuluxe, Opuluxe will issue referral compensation to the person who, in Opuluxe's good faith discretion, was the first to submit the Referee’s information.


Documentation Required for Compensation: To receive referral compensation, Referrers must complete necessary documentation, including a W-9 and Payment Authorization Form, and any other reasonable documentation requested by Opuluxe. Payment can be made by check or direct deposit, depending on the Referrer's preference and provided that the required banking information is provided.


Tax Consequences: Referrers are responsible for any tax consequences arising from the receipt of referral compensation.


Severability: If any provision of the program's terms and conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable, it will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.


Good Faith: Opuluxe reserves the right to withhold or refuse referral compensation if it believes, in its sole discretion, that a Referrer is acting in bad faith or contrary to the intent of the program. This includes situations such as submitting referrals for properties without a genuine relationship or connection or referring properties owned by family members or business partners.


Changes to, and Termination or Suspension of, the Program:


Opuluxe may make changes to these terms and conditions, or suspend or terminate the program, without prior notice. However, Opuluxe will honor referrals that meet all eligibility criteria for referral compensation as of the date the change, suspension, or termination takes effect, to the extent permitted by law. Any modifications will be posted on the Opuluxe website and will become effective upon posting. Continued participation in the program following any modification constitutes consent to the changes.


Employees: Opuluxe employees are not eligible to participate in the program.


Self-Referrals: Referrers are not eligible for referral compensation for referring themselves or any legal entity in which they have an ownership interest.

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